A Celebration in The Park

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Beats, Park, Life. This is the mantra of Decks in the Park, a massive party in Klyde Warren Park. This year’s attendance topped 10,000 people as Dallas celebrated Halloween early on a Thursday night. The diversity of Dallas was on display with the language of music connecting the residents of Dallas-Fort Worth as they danced the night away. For a few hours, no one discussed Trump or Clinton, election rigging, or Russia. Decks in the Park provided an escape from the daily grind. There was dancing, laughing, hugging and some eating, thanks to the awesome food trucks, all in the middle of Klyde Warren Park.

Photos by C. Stewart Photography

This crowd felt as energetic as any crowd at a major festival.  The 10,000 in attendance brought good vibes and great dance moves. It’s a good idea to head toward the front of the stage to catch some amazing dance battles. Phones are held high in the air to catch a photo or video of the moves happening in the circle. The dance moves range from serious to down right silly but it’s all in good fun and very entertaining to watch. Don’t sleep on the kiddos who get out there and dance along with the adults. They have moves that should not be attempted by anyone over 30.

Decks in the Park taps into the core of the city. The volunteers who work to put on this festival series call DFW home. They are onto something as they provide something that is rare these days, a quality event that is free to the residents of Dallas.  Decks in the Park has gained a loyal following with these moves and the crew is gearing up for their next event. Decks in the Park is hosting The Oak Cliff Edition on November 13th at The Foundry Bar.

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