A Day at the State Fair of Texas

Big Tex. It’s hard to match the Texas pride in a man with a 95 gallon Cowboy hat, size 96 cowboy boots, and Dickies attire.

The lines for the infamous Fletcher’s Corny Dogs is long but the wait is tolerated as folks walk by with their rendition of a good corny dog.  Some are smothered in ketchup, others mustard. There were those who took an artist approach to splattering both mustard and ketchup on their dog. They are the real Picasso’s of the world.

The aroma of food is in the air and this means everything must be deep fried to State Fair of Texas standards. My favorite deep fried concoction was the deep fried spaghetti and meatball. Multiple layers of spaghetti noodles and meat sauce, coated in chicken parmesan batter and deep fried to a golden brown crunch. It was served cut open and glazed with marina and parmesan sprinkles. By far the best cheat day of my life!

We headed to the Midway to get our fix of carnival rides.  The Midway is where all the rides and games are located at the State Fair.  Ear piercing screams could be heard as we approached the Midway. We rode the Evolution and it took us on an adventure. Within seconds we were twirling in the air, upside down and round and around. After enough flips and spins we had enough of the energetic Midway.

Hours of fun go by in seconds at the fair.  It was time to wind down and make our way out of the insanity. However, there was one last pit stop to make. Sutter’s State Fair Salt Water Taffy! Individually wrapped pieces of gooey goodness and in a variety of flavors such as lemon, peppermint, black walnut, banana, strawberry,  licorice and peanut butter.  We walked out of the exit gate with pride, holding our heads high (mainly due to our growing double chins).

Another a State Fair of Texas on the books!

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