Cancun Nightlife: Mandala Night Club


Cancun, a growing city that welcomes Americans and other tourists from around the world to its paradise.  The beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea are simply breathtaking.  With the appeal of all-inclusive fun that extends to the nightlife, the Yucatan peninsula is a great option for both party people and those looking for rest and relaxation.


As soon as the sun sets,  Boulevard Kukulkan becomes active with those seeking to continue the party from their respective resorts.  Vans, buses and taxis help move people throughout the hotel zone. Transporting tourists is a big part of the local economy.  And everyone works together to keep tourists entertained and coming back. (you find out about a lot of things from your taxi driver, if you ask 😉

The nightlife in Cancun has a different vibe than what you would expect in the states. First of all, the nightlife is treated as an excursion or activity. While in Cancun, you will book all your activities you plan through the travel agency rep or someone at the hotel offering the same excursions.  You will also see booths in the club zone where you can purchase tickets to nightlife activities. This is similar to people promoting clubs on the street in Vegas.  You may even be able to negotiate a cheaper price on the street but it’s best to do it the easy way and book at your hotel.


On Saturday Night, Mandala comes to life.  This facility is unique as it is an open air club, allowing you to see all the action as you walk by on the sidewalk.  It’s a great concept as you see what you are getting before walking in.  There will be no buyers remorse here.   The cost of admission also grants you open bar privileges!  Beware, with 70% humidity and temps in the 80’s and 90’s you should definitely stay hydrated with water as well.


The humidity and heat will have you drenched!

The bass pounds in Mandala.  The DJ’s hit you with top 40 Dance music and Hip Hop. It’s amazing watching people from all across the globe sing along to American songs. Different songs caught different groups in moments of euphoria.  There were moments of nostalgia as older hits from Swedish House Mafia to Avicci filled the air.  New bangers like Purple Lamborghini have made it across the Gulf of Mexico as well.


Mandala creates the festival atmosphere by mixing high tech lighting, a 360 degree visual, powerful CO2 cannons and confetti. Be prepared to cover your drink because the confetti comes down throughout the night and it is so much fun!

Find out more information about Mandala here. Follow them on Twitter as well.

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