Catching Up With Pierce Fulton: The Better Places Tour

Thursday night at The House of Blues Dallas, a labyrinth of music, art and great food, Pierce Fulton showcased his beautiful sounds on the second stop of his Better Places Tour. You could call it a family affair as Noosa, Pierce’s girlfriend, and friend, NVDES, showcased an array a musical genius utilizing live instruments coupled with Electronic Dance Music.  Guitars, drum machines, and keyboards highlighted the talent and genius of his brilliant mind.

EDM DFW had the opportunity to watch Pierce Fulton during his sound check and we were amazed at his professionalism while he made sure everything was ready for his live performance. The Better Places Tour is Pierce’s first live performance tour. His excitement to share his diverse sounds was evident in his concentration and attention to detail.

Pierce Fulton HOB 2017

We sat down with Pierce in the green room of Cambridge Hall, one of the many concert halls inside of the House of Blues Dallas. Dallas, TX was show number two for the tour. Pierce, a creator of music for over six years, mentioned that he wants to showcase his entire catalogue and repertoire of skills. The Better Places tour is his opportunity to do that as he wants his audience to know he is more than an EDM DJ.

Pierce is a humble person and he even mentioned with taking on this big endeavor, there is some nervousness when stepping out of your comfort zone.  According to Pierce, “without stepping out of your comfort zone, how do you grow?”  His set, 90 minutes long, allows him to do just that. Every song minus two or three from his catalogue is planned for each show!

He was trained playing the guitar which eventually lead to the bass guitar.  From there, he added more skills which include playing the violin, drums, saxophone and even the trombone during high school. Side note, I am a fan of the low brass as I played the trombone as well. There is so much creativity going on as each instrument is equivalent to learning a different language. Production is also a self-taught skill Pierce has picked up in his musical journey

Pierce Fulton HOB 2017

His new project, Better Places, the album which lends its name to the tour, is a concept he envisioned earlier in 2017.  After talking with his brother and getting feedback on the never-ending battle of full length album vs. EP, he finally had the right mix of content to put forth a quality album from beginning to end with no filler music. Pierce conveyed, “I had this perfect grouping of songs. At first, I had like fourteen songs and then trimmed it down to nine. I wanted all the songs to be really strong and have the ability to stand out on their own.”

Self-made, Pierce put the album together on his own and while stressful at times, the learning experience was the biggest win for him.  He even built the Better Places tour on his own, which enabled him to learn how to program light shows, build relationships, add remixing and mastering his own content.  He wrote most of the material and received helped from his girlfriend, Noosa, who opened the Better Places show at House of Blues Dallas.

Noosa HOB 2017

NVDES, a friend of Pierce, also collaborated on the song, Better Places, the title track from his album. The ability to travel and perform with close friends is something that Pierce is extremely grateful for.  In fact, NVDES, is the one who introduced, Pierce to Noosa. You can’t make up a better working relationship among friends. Originally from New York, the trio are finding their way and making a name for themselves in Los Angeles.

Austin, the first stop on the tour, was held at Stubbs, a unique venue with all things.  Pierce mentioned that Texas has always shown love and that the fans have been passionate and hospitable.  “I’ve always had really kind and passionate fans from Texas. They are always so nice and want to talk about the show”, Pierce said. I witnessed this first hand as Pierce mingled with the crowd during Noosa’s and NVDES’ performance.

“Replicate the kind of music that you like until you figure out your own style,” he mentioned while also stating his influences were Eric Prydz and Above and Beyond.  More words of wisdom included, “Don’t copy the style to make it your own, but use that as a stepping stone to find ideas to mesh into who you are and your own creativity. Put out as much content as you can and don’t get stressed by the feedback or people trying to get involved.” Final advice from Pierce, “Just do your own thing and put out music you are passionate about. Release content that you’re so proud about, you can scream it from the top of a mountain.”  Something we all can learn from

The Better Places album is available for streaming or purchase here.

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