EDM DFW Family: Coco Mihalakis

Written by Coco Mihalakis

First off, I have always loved techno. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, my friend Lily was the only person that listened to techno with me. People made fun of us, but we didn’t care because we supported each other. Basshunter was my first love. I listened to Tiesto’s music before I even knew who he was. I raved with my friends to “Adagio for Strings” until six in the morning. That was my first real encounter with the lifestyle. At that point, I had never been to a legit rave, but my friend Lily already had. When I turned 18 she took me to my first rave. We went to Lizard Lounge and partied to Dj Irene.  Dance music and raving opened my eyes to so much. I learned about the LGBT community. We never judged and it didn’t bother us, as matter of fact looking back, I’m glad I can say that happened. NO ONE CARED!  I’m glad I’ve met so many chill people through raving.

Brandon Webb. You started all of this. When we met, I was about to give up on the DFW rave scene. A lot of people seemed rude, pushy, or just straight disrespectful. I wasn’t feeling the love. I felt it in Vegas, I felt it in other cities, but not my own. That’s why I got so much love for ya homes. I’ll admit, I was kinda scared to meet you in person, but I met strangers in Vegas so I figured what could go wrong? The first night of LAN 2014,  I saw you but didn’t realize it was you.

[wpvideo iTp7vUXD]

The second night was our first time meeting. We were watching The Chainsmokers. We had a great spot and you managed to make your way through the crowd to us. I recall seeing that Dallas Cowboys mask and necklace, I do believe. But that mask was the first thing that made me realize it was you. Plus it’s the Cowboys. Oh, I even recall standing behind a tall cowboy at LAN. He had the hat and boots. It delights me to see a wide variety of people coming together. You introduced me to most my DFW fam. The ones I met personally, they already know you or at the very least, have seen you before. You are the godfather to my rave family. My favorite tune right now? Man, I got a few. Since we are talking EDM, one of my favorite songs would have to be “Sun is Shining” by Axwell /\ Ingrosso. It’s an inspiring song and it always makes me happy. I even had the quote, “sun is shining and so are you” written on my body while I was at Electric Forest for the world to see. It was a beautiful sunny day, so it seemed fitting.

My favorite festivals are Euphoria Music Festival and Electric Forest. First off, Euphoria is in Texas. Enough said. Jk. The weather was perfect in Austin, my family was there, and I was in a happy place. Mashd n Kutcher came on first, playing the Pokemon theme song, Harry Potter, and trolled the crowd a few times. I saw Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People for the first time. I cried before he even came on stage. I’ve seen him three times since then. I even made my first totem because of that band. The guy in front of me knew all the words to every song. I was truly happy.

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)2014 and 2015, I dyed my hair rainbow. (Pro tip for the  ladies when attending EDC Vegas. Leave your hair up while dancing in the middle of the desert. 100 degrees at 11 pm is no joke.) I ended up throwing my hair up each night. Rainbow is high maintenance and a pretty penny. I decided I needed to stick with one color. I asked my Facebook friends if I should dye it pink or blue. Someone commented that more people have pink than blue. So blue it was! On September 19th last year, it turned blue. I can recall this because it was my sister’s birthday and I went to Life in Color with you, Brandon, it was your first LIC. We went hard in the paint that night, I’m pretty sure I accidentally threw paint on your face in the process of going hard lol. My hair remained blue for a year.

While I was looking up videos I came across this new thing I never heard of before. It’s called wooping. It’s when you play with a Levi Wand and hula hoop at the same time. It looks magical but the technique is hard to grasp. I got my first hoop a few days ago and gave it a try. My page and performer name is called FlowCo.

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