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There are amazing people who are members of the EDM DFW family.  As our family grows we want you to be able to attach a story with the name you see in our Facebook group. We will highlight a family member each week. Our connection through music has allowed us to create some epic memories and experiences. This is your chance to share them. I’m looking forward to writing this weekly.

Let’s begin with my rave brother Geoff Kitchens.  The first time I met Geoff, it ended up being one hell of a night.  Kennedy Jones was in town and he performed at Lizard Lounge. The building rattled that night and the crowd was engaged, jumping and bouncing to the beat.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s7vgH8BmCY]

Geoff is passionate about connecting and building friendships with others. We talked about Lights All Night, a New Year’s Eve festival in Dallas, TX.  We both were going to the festival so it made sense that we should meet up inside the convention center.(2014) That night became the first of many festival and nightlife experiences we would share.  All through the love of music.

Geoff calls Plano home and has a love for gaming, his Mom and sister,  and playing Jedi mind games with his cat. He spends the majority of his time working and selectively picks the festivals he goes to.  These festivals aren’t getting cheaper and it seems like a new one pops up every week.

When asked which festival in Texas was his favorite, Geoff quickly replied “Euphoria.”  When asked why, he said, “It was just family dude.  It was all of my Texas family. Except you, you punk. You didn’t come!” Geoff had to rub it in. “You would have loved it. Besides, you need to camp.”

In October of 2015, Geoff and I traveled down to Houston for Something Wicked, a festival in Houston. Out of nowhere, the strongest hurricane in the pacific was bearing down on Mexico.  The hurricane didn’t make it to Houston but it affected our weather. Torrential downpours and flash flooding shut down interstate 45.  Hell or high water we were getting to Houston. A 45 minute detour got us to Houston but the festival was cancelled for legitimate safety concerns.

We didn’t have a festival to worry about anymore so we made the best of it.  We visited friends, laughed, told stories and I played Cards Against Humanity. On a side note, CAH is one of my favorite games now.

The weather conditions were crazy.  I think we could have used a boat instead of a car that weekend. But there we were, cruising around H-Town bumping DJ Screw. No lie. As soon as the fun began, it was time to head back to Dallas. As we were rolling north on I-45, Geoff turns down the volume and says, “Not once did we consider this trip to be a bad idea. Not once.” Geoff was right. We made it happen.

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