EEKKOO Returns To mau5trap With The “Forever” EP

EEKKOO releases his new EP, Forever via mau5trap. The new EP includes the singles “Punish”, “Lost”, and the “Forever”. Pronounced like “echo”, EEKKOO is known for his heavy analog productions. EEKKOO’s background as a sound engineer has played a hand at crafting his signature sound. It was enough to attract the attention of deadmau5 who followed EEKKOO on SoundCloud. He was discovered by deadmau5 in 2013 which led to his signing with mau5trap.

His 2014 project, Hell Is Other People, was a coming out party of sorts as his catalog of work grew. The project featured five tracks and was available on iTunes and Beatport and was named Top 25 Dance Releases of the year by iTunes.

“I’m thrilled to be back on mau5trap,” says EEKKOO. “You know that feeling when you get a chance to explore the world and you finally come back home? That’s my level of rapture right now. This EP kinda represents my road away and back and it was a real pleasure to experiment with my friend LUNR on some of the tracks. We are not alone!”


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