Finding Your Tribe

Before you can have the perfect rave/festival squad you must find them first. The key to finding your squad is to put yourself out there. Discover if that coworker you tolerate has the same taste in music as you. Or maybe, the cute girl in your class with the OWSLA shirt might be down to see Marshmello in a few weeks. There are so many opportunities to meet potential rave family. Sometimes it happens in the most random of situations.  Just be willing to put yourself out there. For example, my friend was about to get in her car and noticed a note on her windshield. Someone saw her EDC pass hanging on her rearview mirror so they left a note leaving their social media information at the bottom and asked if they could rave together. Going to shows is an easy way to find your rave/festival squad too.

People within the EDM community are usually welcoming, so just complimenting someone or trading kandi with them is an easy way to meet people. Remember it doesn’t matter how big or small your group is, all that matters it that everyone has fun. The people that you rage with are turn up compatible. What I mean by that is, it’s crucial to know how your group likes to party. Is your group extroverted; do you guys like being in the front or middle of the crowd? Does your group seem more chill or like to vibe in the open areas of the back of the venue?

It’s good to have a group with similar interests or is tolerant of others. For example, if Mary likes to drink a lot and shuffle, her group should be supportive if not join in. This sounds silly but if one person wants to be in the back so they can dance but the other wants to be as close to the front as possible there needs to be compromise to avoid conflict. Also, going to raves or festivals should be a fun time so having a group that isn’t full of drama is important too!

Another important key to having the perfect rave/festival squad is making sure everyone’s outfits are on point. You know what I’m talking about. Everyone has seen a group walk by and all their outfits look good or have a theme. This might sound unimportant, but I promise you it is. In the age of social media, it’s all about getting those likes and there’s no better way to get noticed than to have the whole squad look good. It’s also important for your squad’s outfits to look similar because you don’t want to be the only one with her booty showing or the only one with six perlers on. Your squad must be in sync, outfits and all.

Cultivating friendships through the dance music community will allow you to find your home, the perfect rave squad that is just right for you. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite DJ with friends. It’s like being in a sorority or fraternity whose sole purpose is to listen to music, rage, and never miss a show. Squad group texts are a plus! You will never miss a festival line up and you will always know when your favorite artist puts out new music.

Something Wicked was one for the books, and my rave/festival squad had a lot to do with it. Whether it was twerking, head banging, or making sure no one got lost (I may have gotten lost a few times) my group came through. I really hope that you guys find your perfect rave/festival squad or appreciate the one you have. I’ll see you at the next sho

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