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Get To Know Brainface’s Most Hallowed New Album, Existence

This past Friday, Brainface, a Dallas-Fort Worth-based producer, released his new album Existence, which features a new collection of psychedelic, deep bass.

Daniel Crumpton, aka. Brainface has been obsessed with sacred geometry for his entire life, hence the reason for the album's title, Existence. There are five songs in the album that make up the five solid platonic solids of sacred geometry, along with the deepest dub sounds you can ever hear. This work of art can be seen as an analogy between the five platonic solids and the five elements of matter and what they constitute.

The artwork represents an interesting story, as it can be viewed as what would happen if music went digital, making someone's brain could be programmed using software to read the music, as seen in the middle. In Metatron's cube, the connection between it all is represented by the face. There is a digital board in the background, which produces the music we are uploading into our reality, which is an embodiment of the invisible entity and consciousness symbolized by the face.

This album has many interesting dynamics throughout. Existence's ‘Triangle' seems to be the strongest on the album as it seems to be the strongest shape one can imagine. This means there can be pressure on either point of the triangle and it will still hold a firm shape. Another worthy track that is a part of Existence is 'Cube’, as it represents Earth as it carries a lot of earthy and relaxing vibes, possibly as if you are feeling a little wonked out.

Listen to Existence here.

Originally from Monroe, Louisiana, Daniel Cumpton, aka Brainface is now living here in DFW and is making a name for himself more quickly than ever! Being a pure abstraction, Brainface was inspired by artists like Liquid Stranger, Truth, Khiva, The Widdler, and Vibe Emissions. Essentially writing music based on true life experiences and emotions, the music of Brainface is weird, deep, heavy bass, and psychedelic brain ticklers, but it is mostly music for the people. His recent performances in the DFW area include shows with DFW Rave Fam, Haam Promotions, and AFTRLIFE Entertainment.

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