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Photo by Jeron Moore

Electronic Dance Music fans traveled to Lights All Night, the end of year music festival held in Dallas, TX. The booming sounds of electric bass resonated from Dallas Market Hall to the parking garage and streets surrounding the venue. Fans enthusiastically hopped out their vehicles to head towards the flashing lights and the sound of bass. Others scrambled making last minute arrangements to their creative costumes they designed specifically for the night. Energy was in the air and fans were ready to dance.

Dance music has been around since the days of Disco, but the term “EDM” is catching the attention of new fans who ask the question,”What is EDM?” EDM is an acronym for Electronic Dance Music and serves as an umbrella for music genres such as House Music, Techno, Trance, Trap, Drum n Bass, and Dubstep. It’s a catch all term for an expansive universe of music. It gets deeper upon discovery of sub-genres (variations within a genre) like Deep House, Future Bass, Tech House, Riddim,Tropical House and more. It’s a never ending game of music discovery and theory while listening to EDM.

Photo by Jeron Moore

Our adventure at Lights All Night started with a well organized and speedy entry process into the venue. Upon entry, attendees walked into the cavernous main stage, The Supernova Stage. Each year the Supernova stage of Lights All Night is re-imagined which creates a unique theme and experience. Popular acts like Bassnectar, Marshmello, Seven Lions, Porter Robinson and NGHTMRE took the vibe and energy to the next level while fans danced, jumped and shared their experiences on social media in real time. The headlining artists are at the top of their game and they performed their biggest hits mixed with the hottest songs in the dance music industry.

The Satellite Stage, which gained a reputation for its booming bass did not disappoint. The sound sent vibrations through our body and we swear we felt them even on the ride home. The stage featured Techno, House Music, Hip Hop and Dubstep from artists like AC Slater, Destructo, Liquid Stranger, and Ugly God. The Satellite Stage was also home to shenanigans like the Mike’s Hard Shark. This mechanical, bucking, and wobbly shark sent fans flying in all directions as friends watched their brave buddy jump on the shark in hopes of not getting thrown off. Needless to say, the shark won every time.

Several artists created a lot of buzz on social media after their killer Lights All Night sets. BlackGummy, Liquid Stranger, Vincent and Whipped Cream thrilled the crowd and left many excited. BlackGummy’s next level set pleased techno fans at the main stage. Techno has thrived in Dallas’ underground and the local purists worked it out on the dance floor. The booming beat of Techno sounds like a freight train moving down the train tracks.

Liquid Stranger mixed his filthy space noises with gut wrenching bass. Headbangers, a tribe of music fans who live for the bass, were front and center for his set. Most were on the verge of whiplash from rocking their heads and torso back and forth to the experimental beats.

Photo by Jeron Moore

Unlike a concert, which usually consists of sitting and watching an artist perform, Lights All Night, creates an environment for exploration making every festival goer’s experience unique. Lights All Night brought back their huge sign which spells out the festival name. People lined up for the opportunity to snap selfies or to take photos with their rave family on front of the big neon blue sign. We got our photo there too! It’s an awesome way to create a memory of your festival experience.

Photo by Jeron Moore (Lights All Night 2017)

Community is a big part of dance music culture. Fans repeatedly said they felt like they were with family. Some attendees will sit and talk; catching up with friends who they only see once or twice a year at events. All the problems of the week are left behind to escape into a world of lights, music, and community. The music, the common denominator to attendees, provides the background for Lights All Night’s gathering.

Fan creativity is a big part of establishing the vibe at Lights All Night. Kandi Kids, a sub group of attendees, come for the community and to trade the unique cuffs and necklaces they painstakingly made from pony and perler beads. Some of these pieces take up to weeks to create depending on the intricacy of the design. The handmade pieces are traded with others through a special handshake. This DIY spirit is huge within the dance music community as it is a part of self-expression and the freedom to be yourself.

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