Josh Wink Brings Acid House and Break Beats to It’ll Do Club Dallas

[youtube] Take a ride east of Downtown Dallas on Elm Sreet and the scene changes from the busy nightlife of Deep Ellum into the neighborhoods of East Dallas and the Lake and Garden District. Once you are in between Carroll Avenue and Peak Street, you’ll notice a rectangular shaped building laced with fresh artwork which includes the club’s lineup.

Photo by @aaron_noir

This building is home to It’ll Do Club. It is home to many people, things, and ideas. It’s home to tolerance and acceptance.  Most importantly, it is Dallas’ home to House Music and Techno. Walking into It’ll Do Club, you know the place is different as you are greeted by Felisha who is there to welcome you at the door. Homegirl is over the top and you will feel welcomed as you open the doors to Dallas’ escape to House and Techno.

Carrying the banner for It’ll Do Club, Red Eye has been the resident DJ since the venue opened three years ago. The soulful and funky sounds of house and techno are staples of the versatile musician who also serves as the A&R Director of Audiophile Deep Records. His sets have been described as great by Claptone, who went on to say that Red Eye knows how to create a great vibe which is most important to a successful night club. As the resident DJ, Red Eye’s name is artistically painted on the wall of the club. How freaking awesome is that!

On this Saturday night Josh Wink, Acid House pioneer,  brought the diverse crowd of It’ll Do together to work it out on the dance floor. The warehouse styled club mixed with their No Flash Photography policy creates the ultimate “old school” vibe.  It’s dark on the dance floor, but as the bass pounds like a freight train on the track, the dance floor lights up with three columns of dancing squares, which always gets the crowd amped up.

No Flash policy, but the lights are on after the show so no flash needed.

Wink, a Philadelphia, PA native is the head of Ovum Recordings.  His versatility as a producer and DJ is well known and he gave us an education.  Wink took us back to the 90’s with “A Higher State of Consciousness” (that one always takes me back). I have heard countless stories how that specific song opened the doors of Acid House to the masses. The dance floor was crowded and folks including myself were dancing on top of the rows of seating along the wall. The crowd was full of dancing bodies.

Haven’t seen @joshwink1 since he had dreadlocks. Been about the same amount of time since I’ve been to club. Also haven’t seen @djredeyedallas since Club One. Had a fucking blast, and was happy to find out I can still dance a little bit. Not bad for an old man. Can’t wait to go again!  – @aaron_noir

As a faithful listener to Winks radio show, Profound Sounds, I hope we make the cut and we get to hear his thoughts on Dallas, TX.  Acid House fans sure appreciated the visit!

This event was powered by Wildfire Engineering.  For more information on Wildfire Engineering and their upcoming shows, click here.

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