Learn Why Senator Warren Was Silenced By The GOP

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America wake up. During Black History Month, the republicans spit on the civil rights movement, Dr. King’s dream and the movement of women in one single blow.  

Do not let them silence the concerns of many. Silencing Senator Warren is an ugly mark on the GOP, but hell, they keep outdoing themselves everyday. I also believe America should be concerned on how they silenced Senator Warren and the reasons why they would not let her talk.

Senator Warren I commend you for attempting to voice concerns that are as valid today as they were in 1986 when the letter was originally submitted.

The Republican response. “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

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What if….no one persisted and gave up? I see too many people comfortable accepting life as what it is. Life is what you make it. Voice your concerns. Get active. Vote….So many of you didn’t. Yes, calling you out. Make a difference in your life. Make a difference in someone else’s.

I am so thankful for those Americans who persisted. American history is filled with stories of people who never gave up.

Read Coretta Scott King’s letter here.

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