Lights All Night Day 1 Recap

Lights All Night’s 10th anniversary is in full swing at Dallas Market Hall. Day 1 of the annual end of year event played host to some of the biggest names in dance music. Lights All Night has achieved quite a feat. The independent festival, founded by DFW’s Scott Osburn, has shown tremendous staying power, resilience and increased importance in the global dance music landscape. One year alone brings tremendous amounts of change in the dance music industry as promoters, musicians and events come and go. The players are hardly ever the same. It is very commendable when a company and event can say they are still around ten years later. Salute and respect to you Lights All Night!

The Day 1 lineup did not disappoint. Skrillex and Virtual Self headlined the night giving fans their fix of electronic dance music. Thousands of fans gathered in mass as they rocked the Supernova stage at LAN. Skrillex dominated at the main stage. It was a sea of dance music fans from the rail all the way to the rear clamoring to see Sonny do his thing. Skrillex took the crowd through many remixes including Avicci’s Levels and Cinema by Benny Benassi. The crowd went nuts when he played Purple Lamborghini. The reimagined outside area was a great addition to the festival experience. Specifically, the Planet Prime stage held my attention for the majority of the night. Day 1 at Planet Prime featured a label takeover by Night Bass. Sets from Greed, Isenberg, Blossom, Golf Clap B2B Codes, Flava D b2b Taiki Nulight, and Jack Beats b2b Bijou kept our bodies moving on the dance floor. Needless to say, the vibes inside the tent were on point. The Night Bass crew heated up the December night making it feel like a summertime festival.

Team Feedback EDM DFW has attended LAN since 2014 and each year we scurry around the venue looking for new additions. New stage designs, art installations, and layout are always appreciated and a sign of growth for Dallas’ premier music festival. Our team members provided instant feedback on their experience at Lights All Night.

Dillon Potts, the photographer for EDM DFW, mentioned, ” From a technical standpoint, there was great production work, great sound with good sound barriers with no sound pollution. The crowd was full at the stages and the vibes were all there. They were the right type of vibes for an event like this.”

According to EDM DFW member Noelle Lawrence, “I mean, the whole experience was lit. There were tons of smiling faces and I got asked to be in a lot of pictures. That welcoming feeling was everything. The Planet Prime stage was super lit. Aesthetically, the stage didn’t have all the frills as the main stage, but the music was exceptional. It seemed to be where all the house music was and that kept people grooving on the dance floor all night. And Skrillex… his set was lit!” Noelle’s not exaggerating as footage from her Instagram stories show her going crazy during his set.

EDM DFW member Christopher Budzise commented, “the production value of the show went way up in my mind. The two indoor stages looked amazing. It was cool that they had two outdoor stages as well. I also though the fire dancers were cool too.”

The fire dancers Christopher mentioned danced on a new art installation at Lights All Night. The installation featured a stage that allowed the dancers to engaged with the audience all while the music from the main stage added to the ambiance.

Now that Day 1 of the 10th anniversary is a wrap, we look forward to experiencing the second and final night of Lights All Night. For more coverage from our experience, you can view additional photos from Day 1 via Photographer Dillon Pott’s here.

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