Lights All Night Day 2 Recap

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Morning and afternoon showers could not damper the electricity surrounding the second day of Lights All Night. The sold-out festival kept things popping with headliners Bassnectar and Louis The Child. Regardless of the rain that hit the city earlier in the day, the festival was alive with activity including the outside stages which experienced some muddy conditions. Dance music fans showed up in full force adding to the two-day total attendance of 35,000. Much like day one, it was a full-on party and a celebration ten years in the making. LAN is a big deal for local and out of state music fans. Started in 2010 by Dallas resident Scott Osburn, the event has become the longest-running year-end music festival in the United States. It’s also the largest music festival in the city of Dallas boasting a whopping 325,000 guests over the last decade. 500 artists have graced the Lights All Night lineups. The second day of 2019 added to the legacy of hosting top tier talent.

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The tenth-anniversary festivities included headlining sets from festival alumni Bassnectar, Louis The Child, 3LAU, Zomboy, San Holo, Liquid Stranger, and Subtronics. The diversity of the lineup gave new and curious music fans a taste of today’s popular dance music genres. Bassnectar, known for DJ sets that include bone-rattling low frequencies and trippy visuals, closed out the festival at the Supernova stage.

According to Noelle Lawrence of EDM DFW, “Day one was a great introduction and day two had energy like none other. The vibe was like “we did not come to play” and “we are about to give you all the energy you can handle!” If I were to describe day two with a set, it would be Subtronics hands down. It may have been muddy (day two). But Lights All Night brought it. Kudos to the music curators of this event. It was definitely one for the books.” GRVDNCR took over the outside stage, Planet Prime, with artists Boogie T, He$h, Al Ross b2b Bommer, Vampa, and Zia. They kept that tent rocking all night long. Brooklyn based GRVDNCR has a deep roster of talent that has rocked Dallas club life over the years. New Orleans’ Boogie T is a fan favorite who shows off his musical skills during his DJ sets by playing the guitar.

Photo Credit: Alive Coverage

2019 marked the fourth year that Lights All Night called Dallas Market Hall home. The reimagined layout proved to be a winner especially for fans of the Silent Disco. The Silent Disco has always been a fan favorite, but this year was relocated to provide attendees more space to boogie on the dance floor. The Silent Disco featured a new art installation called “Light Leaks”. The installation provided Instagram worthy photo ops with its scattered array of 50+ disco-style mirror balls. If you have never experienced a silent disco, we encourage you to give it a try. The concept features multiple DJ’s playing at once. Guests wear headphones giving them the option to switch between each DJ’s set. It’s a fun sight to see as fans are lost in the beat, dancing in their own little world. DreamHack, the world’s largest computer festival, returned to Lights All Night offering festival-goers a 50-person freeplay lounge where they could play a variety of video games. DreamHack bills itself as the largest LAN Festival (Local Area Network). It’s totally coincidental but fitting how Dreamhack’s billing shares the same acronym as Lights All Night (LAN). Gamers had access to a second-floor lounge which provided expansive 180-degree views of the Supernova main. The 2019 version of Lights All Night has now come and gone marking the final festival experience of the year. As music fans from across the city, state, and nation welcome in a new year, they also muse over what’s in store for the 2020 experience at Dallas’ largest music festival.

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