Saint Punk: Smells Like Teen Spirit Bootleg

Updated: Apr 21


Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” sparks memories and energy the moment the pic hits the guitar string. Electronic music artist, Saint Punk, reimagined the alternative rock classic with a mesh of in your face house combined with Cobain’s, Novoselic’s, and Grohl’s grungey 90’s anthem.

According to Saint Punk, “Nirvana was the real deal and I knew when I started this project I was going to remix one of their songs. So snatch this up before it’s gone!”

Saint Punk, a Los Angeles Native, has a serious mashup on his hands but it comes as no surprise. His music career started in the world of Rock and by 2018, he was making bass-heavy electronic music that combined elements of Rock and Hip Hop.

You can listen to the Smells Like Teen Spirit Bootleg here.

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