The PY1 Experience Transforms Arlington Entertainment

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Driving along Interstate 30 in Arlington, you can’t help but notice the giant pyramid that popped up seemingly overnight. Hanging out in the city of Arlington, I have heard many conversations about the pyramid. “What’s going on over by Globe Life Park?” “Have you seen that pyramid?” “Dude, there’s a pyramid by Six Flags! Have you seen it? All the talk is about Lune Rouge’s latest project, The PY1 Experience.

PY1 is the creation of Lune Rouge Entertainment. The 81-foot-tall structure located in the parking lot of Globe Life Park hosts up to 1,000 guests for metamorphic experiences. Guy Laliberté, the creative mind behind Cirque Du Soleil, is the founder of Montreal based Lune Rouge. Guy serves as guide and director for the entertainment projects Lune Rouge creates.

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The pyramid features 126 speakers, 444 LED pieces, 286 kinetic set pieces, 32 laser projectors, and a whopping 744,000 lumen screens. Solotech, a global leader in audio, visual, and entertainment technology, provides the sound, lighting, and video for PY1.

PY1 is completely mobile. It debuted in Montreal and now calls Arlington home. EDM DFW spoke with Lune Rouge CEO Stéphane Mongeau about the plans for PY1. “The goal is to tour all over the US. We can go everywhere with PY1. Arlington is our first stop.”

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Last night’s experience at PY1 served as an introduction to city officials such as Arlington’s Mayor Williams. Everyone came to experience the show, Through The Echoes. Under the direction of Gabriel Coutu Dumont, the 360-degree multimedia journey receives praise as a technological and emotional odyssey through space and time. Walking into the pyramid chamber there is a feeling of leaving the world behind.

The seating inside the pyramid is reminiscent of sitting around a campfire. The campfire is replaced with a huge extra-terrestrial rock. Those closest to rock sit on the ground looking up towards the sky. As the show begins a narrator asks introspective questions leaving you pondering what the meaning of life is.

The PY1 Experience hosts a second show geared towards family engagement. Stella: The Time Machine Journey, directed and written by Annie Broccoli, is a futuristic time-traveling journey back to the past. Stella encourages participation through movement and dance while immersing guests with projections on the pyramid walls. Annie Broccoli states, “I hope the next 40 minutes will give you a sense of the power of family and create moments of connection with others.”

The main attraction for dance music fans is PY1 Nights. Nicole Moudaber returned to Texas for PY1 Night’s event, Underworld. Moudaber, known by many as the current Queen of Techno, performs around the world at sold-out shows and festivals. The term Techno has been used throughout the years as a catch-all phrase for dance music but it is actually a specific genre/style of music which originated in Detroit Michigan. The genre has grown to a global scale. Kudos to PY1 Nights for having the vision to combine the ritualistic sounds and cadences of Techno inside their pyramid.   Once ‘Through The Echoes’ ended, the Pyramid transformed into arguably one of the most unique party venues the city has seen. It was a spiritual feeling dancing and raving inside the pyramid. If you have seen The Matrix, there is a scene where the inhabitants of the last human city, Zion, dance as one, knowing that the machines are on their way to destroy their city. It felt like that inside the pyramid. Guests connected as they danced to the tribal sounds of Techno.  

Nicole Moudaber in Arlington, TXPY1 Nights#edmdfw Posted by EDM DFW on Friday, January 3, 2020

Moudaber went to work bringing the pounding bass, minimal and dark sounds that Techno lovers crave. Visuals bounced from wall to wall and lasers filled the chamber. Shufflers did their thing in the outer areas of the chamber giving themselves room to hit every beat on time. Members of the flow arts community mesmerized guests with their gloves, hoops, and fiber optic whips. Fans of Moudaber crowded around the DJ booth to catch a glimpse of the Queen as she went in selecting pulsating rhythms, one after the other.

Photo Credit: TA Visuals

The PY1 Experience and PY1 Nights have several shows scheduled which can be found on their website. EDM DFW suggests acting now as the show won’t last forever. As fast as the Pyramid was raised, it will be deconstructed and move to the next city. It was never meant to be ours alone. Enjoy the audio/visual escape and journey while you can.

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