Trill Talk Radio: Reckless Ryan Saturday is a family day at the Webb household. The fast paced routine of the week slows down just enough to relax and enjoy something I am most passionate about.  Music. Damn, I love music.  It literally consumes me.  It can be complicated, sophisticated or have no rhyme or reason to it.  What matters, is that a tune can find a home in the head of an unsuspecting listener and fill them with emotion. Music is powerful.


You’re in a family environment when you walk through the doors of my crib. My wife is on a mission to bring order to madness that includes our kids, their friends, my dog and the biggest kid of all, me. The studio and my zen zone also serves as a game room and work out room. It’s a hodgepodge of ideas, music and a makeshift storage area for stuff that didn’t quite have a place to go in the house.

My homie Ryan Butler, DJ Reckless Ryan, stopped by the house this Saturday. Ryan and I spoke about the music scene in Dallas and just caught up as both of us had been caught up in the daily grind of things. This kid has a bright future, take notice.  After a few slices of Papa John’s pan pizza and deep conversation, Ryan was ready to get on the decks. Ryan has found new musical influences to draw on.  House music is becoming a staple in his catalog and it spans the spectrum of G-House, Deep House and Tribal.  Ryan is that dude.  I know you will enjoy.

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