TroyBoi Brings The Energy to Stereo Live Dallas

TroyBoi at Stereo Live Dallas

Wednesday night, TroyBoi packed the house at Stereo Live Dallas as the crowd, grooved, head banged and broke out the occasional D-Town Boogie. TroyBoi brought his Left Is Right Tour to Dallas along with England’s Daktyl and Australia’s SLUMBERJACK. Located in Northwest Dallas on Story Rd, the ultra-retro façade of Stereo Live illuminated the sky with neon signage on a chilly Thanksgiving Eve.

The crowd showed up early to listen to the sounds of SLUMBERJACK and Daktyl, laid some hellacious trap infused with Hip Hop and electronic music. The duo of SlUMBERJACK and Daktyl understand that Dallas is a city known for having jams banging in the trunk. Stereo Live Dallas was alive with electric energy with many bouncing and headbanging to the music

TroyBoi, Troy Henry, hails from South East London. The U.K. known for their influence on music with the genres of Garage and Jungle lead to the U.K’s Grime sound, has given us some great producers, DJ’s and emcees. TroyBoi has a unique style which implements elements of Electronic Music, Grime, R&B and Hip Hop. It’s a beautiful mix of music that the Dallas-Fort Worth crowd latched on to instantly. Even those unfamiliar danced the night away while on a journey through his catalogue of music.

Troyboi isn’t one to be labeled under a specific genre. His influences run deep and span the globe. It’s with that mindset that allows him to produce sounds incorporating all the music he loves. Instead of saying he is a genre DJ and Producer, he simply says, “this is my style.”

The show features all original music, most coming from his Left is Right album. The Left is Right album contains twenty tracks of solid production and the album sets the tone with quality work with songs like “B.I.A.” and the banger “What You Know”, which we first heard at EDC Las Vegas. Tracks like “Flamez” energized the headbangers breaking their necks swaying back and forth while soulful joints like “ ” and “Tender Love” had bouncy and the sweetest of vibes. They hit ya right in the feels.

TroyBoi mentioned he created his own staging with an emphasis and combining the visual and audio experience for this tour. He stated, “I kind of like to provide an audio experience as well as visual experience which I hope the crowd interpreted tonight.” He takes pride in this because it allows him to create on another medium, putting his talents on display. Throughout the conversation you could tell just how passionate he was about his craft. His eye lit up with excitement talking about his journey which is far from over.

TroyBoi at Stereo Live Dallas

When asked about what advice he could give up and coming artists TroyBoi says, “When I got to Los Angeles, it was June of 2015. I played for a crowd of 100 people and then within the space of two years, I played the Palladium with a crowd upwards of four thousand. There must be a unique aspect to your performance. As a DJ, you really have to enjoy it and give your 100%. Build your fan base from fan number one. I would go to smaller venues and start with 50 people. It’s literally building your fan base.”

Trill Raver and TroyBoi

A true grinder, TroyBoi has been on the road for 2 1/2 months. Houston is the next stop on the tour this Friday at Stereo Live. There is a stop in Canada which include major festivals Snow Globe and Decadence for New Year’s Eve. For more information about TroyBoi, check out his website and follow him across the following social media platforms.

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