Vomit Squad Heaven: Snails’ The Shell Tour Was All That

South Side Ballroom, Dallas’ premier EDM venue, hosted The Shell Tour. Snails, Bro Safari, Space Jesus, Squnto and Boogie T brought energy on top of energy to the capacity crowd. Dallas long known as a Trap and Bass city gravitated to the chop sound of Riddim and Dubstep with help of Vomitstep King, Snails.

Outside of South Side Ballroom, concertgoers and festival travelers lined up with anticipation for the show. Fans shared their camping and festival experiences and talked about those unique moments helped spur the movement of these new sounds across the state of Texas.

The Shell Tour

Tribes of headbangers, who are known to whip their heads back and forth to the bass pounding beats, gathered in masses. Some groups of friends, affectionately known as rave family, showed up with no less than twenty people, all tagging along for the good vibes and positive energy. These kids don’t even know it, but they channeled their inner “Grateful Dead” on Saturday night.

The unique design of The Shell, the name given to the stage production, features tons of lighting and visuals on screen below and behind the performers. Earth shattering bass is provided by PK Sound at the tune of 150,000 watts. The post-apocalyptic design featured tapestries hanging from the rafters and visuals of an army of the Vomit Squad who have conquered the bass and dubstep lands.

Snails is a producer from Montreal, Canada.  Born, Frédérik Durand, he is known as the King of Vomitstep. To the uninitiated the first question may be “Vomitstep? What is that?” But to legions of Bassheads and Dubstep fans, this is the sound that has revolutionized the bass music scene. Growling bass mixed with 808 beats and synthesizers is Durand’s trademark sound.

The album carrying the name, The Shell was released in October of this year.  Tracks like “Feel The Vibe”, “Only Want You”, and “WFSU”, kept the crowd bouncing and headbanging. Snails even brought Gary the Snail.  This ginormous Snail is a sight to see once he is inflated on stage and he takes an energetic crowd over the top as he sways back and forth to the beat.

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Boogie T kicked off the show with groovy and funky sounds that include improvisation on his electric guitar. The Lafayette, Louisiana native has been influenced by the sounds of New Orleans and kept it funky with the crowd.  Mixing dubstep with groovy tunes is challenging and he executed. Playing to his strength on the guitar, the live elements of his performance put the audience in the festival feels.

Squnto brought the filthy sounds and Riddim and Dubstep to the Ballroom.  The crowd responded in kind with headbanging, rail riding and mosh pits (the friendly EDM mosh pits). The participation from the crowd was off the charts as South Side Ballroom even experienced a “Wall of Death”.  During a “WOD” the crowd separates into two sides and at the drop of the beat, the two sides run and collide into each other.  Some fans like to stand right in the middle as the two sides run at each other.

The Shell Tour

Each artist’s perspective on the multiple genres of bass is very unique.  Space Jesus’ psychedelic and trippy approach is right at home in Texas with bouncy beats, hip hop influenced drums with syrupy bass poured all over the tracks. Space Jesus laced the crowd with several bangers from Liquid Stranger and a gang of unreleased material which amped the crowd up. Who doesn’t love hearing new material first?

Bringing his Collisions Tour to a close, Bro Safari linked up with MC Armanni Reign for the Dallas stop of The Shell Tour. Bro Safari was right at home in Dallas. The ATL artists has set up shop in Texas and his infusion of trap and dubstep mixed with DnB elements is a familiar sound in DFW. Utilizing his crowd control and MC skills, Armanni Reign kept the audience engaged throughout the set with playful banter.

The Shell Tour heads to Fayetteville, Arkansas and then to Memphis, Tennessee.  It’s all a blur for Snails and crew as they are in the middle of a 37-city tour.  For more information about Snails, follow him on the following social media links.





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