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The debates are finished and now we have a job. It’s time to get out and vote. If you need information about voting, go to VoteTexas.   This site has an abundance of information about voting in Texas.

I encourage you to vote early. Trust me when I say you will be thankful that you did not wait until Election Day.  Not only will you avoid the long lines of Election Day, you avoid the stress of scheduling conflicts with work.  Haven’t registered to vote, no worries, click here.

At the inauguration of Barack Obama January 20, 2009

I remember the first time I voted.  It seems like it was yesterday but it was actually sixteen years ago. Damn time flies.  I was greeted by some friendly people who volunteered to work the polls.  They could see the excitement in my eyes as I was ready to participate in the symbolic action of patriotism.

Honestly, I think they were just happy to see a young guy out at the polls. I get the feeling that most people expect voting to be an awkward experience. The truth is the experience is simple, easy and without fanfare. I don’t know why I expected it to be a challenging task.  It was simple and you get your little “I voted” sticker. I was 19 in year 2000 and I rocked the hell out of that sticker. I had completed my task of voting.

I scored tickets to the inauguration by writing senator Jon Kyl. (AZ)

Friends, please go vote.  This is an important duty and right as an American citizen. I’d love to hear your stories about your experiences at the polls.

I’ve listed the acceptable forms of identification you can bring in order to vote.  This information comes from the Texas Secretary of State powered website,

Bring one of the following. The ID must be current, or be expired for less than 4 years:

  1. Texas driver license issued by the Department of Public Safety

  2. Texas election ID certificate

  3. Texas personal ID card

  4. Texas license to carry a handgun

  5. US military ID card with your photograph

  6. US citizenship certificate containing your photograph (doesn’t need to be current)

  7. US passport

If you don’t have any of these, you’ll need to (1) sign a sworn statement that there is a reason why you don’t have any of the IDs listed above, and (2) bring one of the following:

  1. Valid voter registration certificate

  2. Certified birth certificate

  3. Current utility bill

  4. Government check

  5. Paystub or bank statement that includes your name and address

  6. Copy of or original government document with your name and an address (original required if it contains a photograph).

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